UI Trunking & Metal Work Co., ltd. was established in 1990, with the philosophy of serving the precision and quality of the  wire way, cable tray, cable ladder, floor trunking, conduit, conduit fitting, lightning protection and lighting. More than 30 years of production and market experience can be guaranteed our single brand named UI.

According to the founder, Mr.Khachonsak Subhasirinant , he was very well known in the electrical product, also being one of the committee  in   the Electrical Engineering Association. He gained his expertise from his more than 30 years of experienced. He first started business by establishing the trading company to supply the product for the construction and engineer. Till the years 1985, he planned to settle the factory, installed  the high quality machines, employed the engineering staff, then become one of the biggest  suppliers in Electrical Industry.

Up to now, UI has handled more than 100  accounts currently,  whereby the ultimate satisfaction of client is our achievement. Our qualified  product has been applied to wide variety of organization, office building, condominium, home, and super center. Meanwhile, our products are certified to  the utmost standard level. In 2002,The Company was certified for ISO 9001 : 2000 Standard.

Moreover, the most advanced  technology and machine have been employed accordingly. Especially, each department staff is continuously trained to their specialized. In fact, we operate on the full effective  function, both human and machine are completed work solution. Normally, our standard production line is started  from the well selected materials from the creditability sources, manufactured under  the  hi-density machine, operated by qualifying staff, and  testified through quality control line. Therefore, we assure that only  the perfect precision and quality product will be delivered to the clients.

According to our substantial growth, we are going to expand our capacity in the near future,  whereby to cover more specific demand of market. Also we plan to expand our sales to the international market recently.



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